ARABPLAST 2019 – International trade fair for plastic, petrochemical and rubber with the presence of 1000 exhibitors in Dubai.

Opening 2019 to reach out to the international arena, Pha Le Plastics (PLP) joined Arabplast 2019 – The international trade fair for plastics, petrochemicals and rubber in Dubai takes place on August 5. / 01/2019.

Arabplast is ranked as the No. 1 program in the region for plastics, petrochemicals and rubber industry. Exceeding a record number of 972 exhibitors from 39 countries and 19080 trade visitors from 123 countries in Arabplast 2017, Arabplast 2019 has 1,000 exhibition booths and up to 2900 trade visitors to the association. support. New products and technologies in injection molding, blow molding, packaging and packaging, pre- and post-plastic processing techniques as well as raw materials, such as additives and polymers are all on display at Dubai Center World. .

Company representatives take photos with potential customers at the fair

Customers take photos at the Plastic Crystal counter.

Fair is a favorable opportunity for businesses around the world to meet, exchange business, expand markets, improve production quality and import and export activities , as well as introduction of new products and services in the petrochemical, plastic and rubber industries. < / p>

Exciting visitors to Crystal Plastics booth

This is a good opportunity for the name Pha Le Plastics (PLP) to be closer to businesses around the world, also an opportunity to learn, so Crystal Plastic was present at the fair and confidently put his products to introduce to the leading businesses in the plastic village.

Crystal with a strategic partner in Dubai

At Arabplast 2019, with the enthusiastic, dynamic, experienced booth staff, Pha Le Plastics (PLP) introduced, advised a large number of international customers on strong brand products Pha Le Plastics . The company’s products have been trusted by a large number of domestic and foreign plastic industry customers such as: plastic granules Filler Materbatch, CaCO3 stone chips and CaCO3 chips.

Crystal Plastics representatives introduce their products to customers

Closing with the incredible success at Arabplast 2019, many new customers and new contracts signed right after the fair came to Plastic Pha Le . With these great successes, quality products called Pha Le Plastics promise to explode in the tough plastics market of 2019.

Exchange with customers after the fair

Một số hình ảnh tại Arabplast 2019:

Close customers

Trade representatives at Crystal Plastic Store

Company and customer representatives