Complast Vietnam 2018 – Exhibition of plastic industry in HCM

Opening the chain of plastic fairs in and outside the country, Complast Vietnam 2018 was organized by Smart Expo and Vietnam Plastics Association. 3rd Exhibition on Plastics & Machinery, Equipment, Packaging and Printing “COMPLAST VIETNAM 2018”, from 10-12 January 2018.

With an average growth rate of 15 – 18% / year, Vietnam Plastic Industry is considered as one of the industries with good growth potential. In the past time, although facing many difficulties, the export turnover of plastic products still grows steadily, an average of 13-15% / year.

Realizing that this is a good opportunity to bring the name of Crystal Plastic (PLP) closer to domestic and foreign businesses, it is also an opportunity to meet and learn, so we did not miss this opportunity. With a staff of dynamic and experienced booths, Crystal Plastic (PLP) has introduced, advised to a large number of international and domestic customers of strong plastic products branded Crystal Plastic ( PLP) is currently used by a large number of plastic customers in the world such as Filler Materbatch, CaCO3 stone chips and CaCO3 stone chips.

The fair ended with great success. Many customers in the world know about Crystal Plastic, besides there are large export contracts from partners around the world signed right after the fair. With the success at the largest trade fair in the world, the products of Crystal Plastic Company promise to be increasingly trusted by many international customers.

Some photos of PLP at this year’s event: