At Pha Le Plastics JSC, we understand that our business success is not only due to the company’s products, but also to the contributions of the people in the company – that is our talent. The most important production for us.

Each member of Pha Le Plastics JSC. Is always proactive, striving to learn, strive constantly to improve himself, always taking the Company’s Culture and 10 core values of the Company as a guideline to regulate. rectify all your behaviors.

The working culture with high speed, efficiency and discipline has been instilled in all actions of the staff (employees), creating the synergy to bring Pha Le Plastics JSC. business activities.

The determination and enthusiasm is not only a prominent feature in the work but also a typical cultural feature of Pha Le Plastics JSC., In cultural activities and community activities.

Promoting 10 core values, the Company has launched emulation programs such as the movement “Greening the Factory”, “Emulation of production”, the emulation movement for effective saving practice, and digging campaigns. creating human resources, training to improve skills … The programs help staff to change the way of thinking, working ways, saving time and improving work efficiency.

In order to timely communicate all the information of the business as well as the movement activities taking place throughout the system, “Pha Le Plastics JSC.,” Was born as a common space for employees to exchange and learn. and more proud of the Company’s culture.

At Pha Le Plastics JSC. ,, each member identifies and considers this place to be the second home, where he attaches and spends most of his daily time living and working. In any role and position, we are always proud to be a Person of the Pha Le Plastics JSC.,.

Aiming at the goal of “A great workplace”, Pha Le Plastics JSC., Always creates opportunities for employees to develop in career orientation as well as work-life balance. In addition to creating a professional working environment that creates opportunities for employees’ creativity, Pha Le Plastics JSC., Also offers attractive remuneration and benefits and excellent working conditions. We always try to develop the capacity of the management team – those who always try and constantly improve the business environment as well as work. We have established systems to ensure the continuous professional development of our employees, and the employee recognition and reward program is part of a management culture. of the company.

Pha Le Plastics JSC., Cultivates professional ethics, in which business activities are carried out in accordance with the cultural, ethical and traditional values ​​of Vietnamese society. In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, this is one of the important factors responsible for attracting talent to the company.

Pha Le Plastics JSC., Always strives to create a corporate culture to build a good working environment. In other words, the company constantly strives to improve the working standards of every employee in the company.


We are committed to achieving sustainable growth in our business through empowered staff, responsible action, and confidence building.

  • Reputation
  • Respect people
  • Creation
  • The will to lead
  • Consistently
  • We must always strive
  • Speak honestly and impartially
  • Balance short-term achievements and long-term strategies
  • Winning with diversity and non-discrimination
  • Respect each other and succeed together.


The code of conduct shows how we conduct our business the right way. Code of conduct is at the core of what companies do. Every employee in the company always complies and applies the code of conduct in every aspect of the job.

  • Respect at work
  • Integrity in the market
  • Ethics in business activities
  • Responsibility to shareholders.