Vibrant summer 2019 with Crystal Resin

Exciting summer 2019 with Crystal Resin

“Strong faith – Break through”

With the desire to bring all the employees an exciting and meaningful summer with many interesting experiences, Plastic Crystal organized a 04-day tour with a destination of The most famous landmarks on the planet: Journey Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An – Quang Binh. The program gave the Great Crystal Family moments of great experience, leaving the most memorable memories in each member …

The Great Crystal Plastic Family in Hue Citadel

Besides discovering famous tourist destinations, members of Crystal Plastic House can also participate in the program “” Amazing race ” – search for key words of their owners. “Strong faith – Breaking together” topic.

The organizers have been working hard to prepare and build a series of team activities integrated into the game – From which, the family members can understand each other better, experience together and experience many levels. Emotions, at the same time, this is also an opportunity for each member to show their ability, bravery by difficult challenges, requiring many skills that BTC presented in the program “” The race amazing. ”

Vibrant Summer 2019 with Crystal Plastic with the theme “Strong faith – Break through”

“Amazing race”: Exciting and many surprises

In the “Amazing Race” the members of the Big Crystal Plastic Family are divided into 04 teams. Experiencing 4 racing stations, the winning teams will have the opportunity to receive suggestion letters from the organizers.

Station 1 at Hue Citadel: With finding the right place and checking in the fastest, giving presentations and returning the introductory clip at the request of the Organizing Committee, Team 4 won the absolute score in this challenge.

Images of Team 3 members at Hue Citadel

Photos of Team 1 members in Hue Citadel

Station 2 at Song Hoai Square – Hoi An: Here, teams participated in dropping the Hoa Dang Lights on Hoai Song, returning to the clip to drop the lights with wishes of each team.

Ending stations 1 and 2: Team 4 with the highest total score received the first BTC letter of suggestion.

Images of lanterns dropping at Hoai Hoai River – Hoi An

Station 3 – Teambuilding at My Khe Beach – Da Nang City.

The teams together overcome 4 challenges through 4 games full of difficulty and unexpected surprises.

Through 4 games, all teams showed the determination and spirit of PLP warriors. Having gathered many skills and ideas in teamwork, the teams have in turn affirmed their bravery through challenges and brought the team to victory victories and secret messages suggested by BTC.

The overall “Team Building” victory belongs to Team 4

Gala dinner: Convergence and shine
One of the unique content of the travel itinerary that BTC spends a lot of time to build is the Gala dinner program ““ Convergence night ”.

In the “Convergence night” teams will enter the final stage of the “Amazing race” , the captains took to the stage to present the thought of words lock, share views and convey the message of the keywords that the team thinks is the answer of the program. With presentation skills in conveying the deep meaning of the message, with sharp thinking, Team 3 excelled in making the “swim upstream” when starting with just one suggestion letter but became the winning team of the “” Amazing race “.

Team 3 with the final victory in the “Amazing race”

Gala dinner also took place the contest “Crystal Creation – Passion for Design” – Competition in the field of design and fashion shows between 03 units Hanoi – Hai Phong – Nghe An.

The teams in turn brought unique costumes made from recycled materials such as: nylon, paper, products of Crystal Plastic …

A collection of Hanoi Office with the name “Five Elements Mutual Generation”

Collection of Nghe An Branch with the name “Reborn beauty”

Collection of Hai Phong Factory with the name “Angels of the Crystal”

Meet up to the following criteria: Materials used; creativity, aesthetics on each product; Performance style; Collection name; Presentation style … the first prize went to Team Hai Phong – The “ Angels of the Crystal” Collection. The second prize went to the Office Hanoi and the third prize goes to Nghe An Branch.

Fully meet the factors: Beautiful, strange, highly artistic, respectful of the wearer, harmonious outfit pattern. Individual prize: “The most creative and beautiful fashion model belongs to the” Mermaid on the ground “outfit of Hanoi Office.

“Mermaid on the ground” outfit

With professional catwalk, confident attitude, expressing the spirit of costume, individual prize: “The most confident and professional performance model” belongs to vedett Khanh Tran – Hanoi Office.

Vedette Khanh Tran in the costume “Spread wings out”

Not only that, Gale “Night of convergence” also has a very special content that employees want to give to “” Big Boss “- Chairman of the Board – Mai Thanh Phuong – The captain of Plastic Pha Pear. That was the moment the captain and his beloved family floated candles, cut the birthday cake next to the joy of all the staff.

Closing the gala night show are elaborate musical performances and carefully prepared from girls, boys day and night plying with stone powder, resin beads to give to the Big Crystal Plastic Family, Especially for “Big Boss” for his birthday.

Dance group “Water drifting cake – Midday dream” with healthy young bottles

It can be said, “Night of convergence” has closed with many levels of emotions and beautiful memories. Crystal Resin believes that, with collective activities So, through this exciting journey, the members of the Crystal Plastic family will feel the precious feelings that the Board of Directors want for the employees – who have always tried and constantly. devoted to a thriving Crystal.

Let’s take a look back at some of the best moments of the 4-day-4-night journey – “Vibrant Summer 2019” with Crystal Resin !!!