Recruitment: QC staff

  • <// Quantity
02 people (Male / female)
  • <// Age
  • <// Level
University / College specialized in plastic and chemistry
  • Place of work
MP Dinh Vu Hai Phong Industrial Park


  • Build and participate in supervising production processes at Hai Phong Factory.
  • Learn and grasp the production technology process, product characteristics, QC equipment to perform product quality control and inspection.
  • Receiving production orders, production plans, production formulas, plans to receive supplies, export plans to organize inspection and control of product quality products in accordance with the manufacturing process, product quality control process issued.
  • Check the import, export, quality of raw materials for production.
  • Responsible for product quality control according to the processes at the stages.
  • Detecting violations of the production process, products to coordinate with the production, adjustment and handling division.

– Request

  • Have the skills to evaluate, analyze and master the technical requirements of the plastic industry.
  • Skills to work independently and in groups.
  • Healthy, hard-working and of good morality, without a criminal record, a history of


  • Salary: 7-12 million depending on the position
  • Work in a clean and safe environment.
  • Support meals at the company.
  • Join all types of insurance.
  • Enjoy Tet, birthday, sickness benefits, etc.
  • Travel every year.
  • Reward for hard work and productivity.
  • Support lemonade on a hot day.
  • There are boarding houses for remote employees. Support for electricity, water, air conditioning, hot and cold shower.


The dossier set includes:

  • Job application
  • Curriculum vitae of local certifications (within the past 06 months)
  • The CV shows the process and the position
  • Health certificate (within the last 06 months)
  • Household registration book
  • Identification card
  • 02 3×4 photos (newest)
  • Social insurance book cover (if available)
  • Certified copy of relevant qualifications and certificates

The application must clearly state the position and send it directly to:

  • Department of HCNS – Crystal Plastic Manufacturing and Technology Joint Stock Company – Lot CN 4.3 KCC Đình Vũ, Hải An, Hải Phòng.
  • Phone number: 0225.883.0102 or contact Mrs Huong 0868.505.444 – Mrs Nguyet 0987.868.916
  • Email please: –
  • Website reference information:

Note: Applicants may apply for photocopies. The company only contacts interviews with qualified candidates and does not return documents.

Application deadline: May 31, 2019