Reducer (SPC)

  Users End cap is used to fill the gap between the floor tile and the base of the wall. It’s is ideal for finishing floors next to balcony doors or entryways

2400 x 45 x 8 mm


25 pcs / carton box

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The Reducer includes 3 main layers : The core, pattern membrane layer, and anti-scratch layer. The core is made of SPC and FOAM options:

→ The SPC core : CACO3 stone powder + PVC resin + Additives

→ The FOAM core : CACO3 stone powder + PVC resin + Additives + Foaming agent

The Reducer is used to separate rooms, the connection points between 2 different floor areas have different heights (suitable within a difference of about 2~4mm). The Reducer ensures the aesthetic of the interior and also help fix the SPC flooring areas.

Product Instruction:

Requirement: When installing the floor, leave a gap of 25mm between the two floors to install the (U track)
Step 1: Measure and check the size

Step 2: Put the (hem U) in the middle of the gap, align 5mm between the floor and (hem)

Step 3: Screw the (hem U) into the foundation (or use special glue)

Step 4: Insert the (hem) along the length of the (U track )