Training roadmap

Pha Le Plastics JSC ., always consider human resources as the core element and valuable asset. The company has built a lean staff, including both Germany and Tai. The recruitment goal of the Company is to attract and welcome all candidates who desire to work in a dynamic, speedy, creative and effective environment – where each individual can maximize their ability and expert knowledge.

The company always creates a professional and modern working environment, maximizing the right to work, dedicate, develop and honor the employees and harmonious combination between the interests of enterprises and the benefits of officials and employees.

The company pays special attention to human resource development through effective implementation of training policies, improving understanding and professional qualifications for employees. . Training not only aims to improve the qualifications of employees, so that each member becomes a worthy representative of Pha Le in any situation but through the training system, Pha Le will contribute to improve the quality of personnel of Vietnamese businesses in general.