Recruitment policy

– Crystal Company welcomes candidates wishing to rise with aspirations, wisdom, moral qualities and passion for work … join the house in common with the Company to carry out its missions.

– For each missing job position, Crystal prioritizes the development of internal human resources through the rotation between job positions with each other, ensuring ensure the right arrangement of people and the right jobs, creating favorable conditions for employees to bring into full play their strengths and create maximum added value for their jobs. This is also seen as a form of refreshing, avoiding boredom at the same time expanding knowledge for truly capable personnel.

– Besides prioritizing the development of internal human resources, Crystal also pays special attention to attracting external talents through other recruitment channels. … The recruitment strictly adheres to the Recruitment Process to ensure the openness, objectivity and selection of suitable candidates in terms of qualifications, competence, passion for the job and the common ambition. with Crystals.