White Marble 3-6cm

White marble row A: 3-6 cm

Pha Le 3-6cm White Marble is sourced from quarries in Nghe An province, Vietnam. Pha Le white marble is characterized by less impurities, the Pha Le have a uniform dispersion, high gloss, good hardness. The characteristics of the original raw materials together with the modern machine chain system come from leading countries in the field of supplying production lines, screened into different particle sizes. Pha Le white marble products are an appropriate choice in the selection of raw materials for products.

  1. Sharpening GCC
  2. Paper production
  3. Manufacturing plastic
  4. Producing bleach and adhesives.
  5. Paint production
  6. Cosmetics
  7. Environmental treatment
  8. Rubber industry.
Chemical composition Physical specifications
Content of CaCO3 ≥ 98% Whiteness ≥ 98%
MgO content ≤ 0.10% Brightness ≥ 97%
Content of Fe2O3≤ 0.01% Humidity ≤ 0.2%
Al2O3 content ≤ 0.02% Specific gravity 2.7g / cm3
SiO2 content ≤ 0.19% Oil absorbency 24 (ml / 100gm)
Na2O content ≤ 0.01% Loss on ignition content ≤ 43.58%