Crystal Plastic sets a target of 25% increase in revenue for 2019.

(ĐTCK) General meeting of Crystal Plastic Manufacturing and Technology Joint Stock Company (stock code: PLP) held this weekend will discuss the plan. revenue of 650 billion dong, profit after tax of 65 billion dong, up 25% and 9% respectively compared to the performance in 2018.

The Board of Directors of the Company also submitted the meeting with the plan of 15% dividend payment.

In 2018, Crystal Plastic achieved a net sales of VND 519 billion, up 65.34% compared to 2017 and completed 123% of the year plan. Profit after tax reached VND 59 billion, fulfilling 97.39% of the year plan. In the context of unfavorable market movements such as the sharp increase in oil prices, the US-China trade war and the instability in some regions of the world, this is a positive result. < / p>

In 2019, according to the company’s leaders, Vietnam’s plastic industry has many growth opportunities after the EU removed anti-dumping tax on plastic products. Vietnam’s packaging while Asian countries like China still have to pay this tax at the rate of 8-30%, making Vietnam plastic products cheaper and more competitive in the EU market. Therefore, the export potential of Vietnam’s plastic packaging industry in the future is huge.

Besides, domestic plastic consumption is still low compared to the average consumption of global and Southeast Asia. Plastic is also an auxiliary industry for many other businesses because of its high applicability, so the food processing industry is forecast to increase by 10.9% in 2019 and real estate by 6% in 4. next year is also a motivation for the plastic industry to maintain its development momentum.

Thuy Nguyen