Unfortunately for Vietnam’s No. 1 hopeful in the men’s volley (45km), Nguyen Thanh Tam, has fallen as he is retreating to the finish line, losing the chance to win the medal. At present, Thanh Tam is being monitored closely. According to doctors, Thanh Tam’s injury can be quite serious.

As soon as Thanh Tam, the Deputy General Director of the General Department of Sports and Physical Training, Head of the Union of Sports and Tourism at SEA Games 29, met and encouraged 5 million VND in cash to help overcome the difficulties. . Crystal Sponsors are on hand to monitor the event did not hesitate to support Thanh Tam 5 million. Mr. Mai Lam Vu, representative of Crystal Sponsor said: “According to the contract, we reward each gold medal is 10 million in cash. But it is fun. Our sympathy with the pain of our athlete is also willing to share. The support is not much but a small part to help Thanh Tam overcome the injury, quickly return to his career.

It is known that Pha Le Plastics Sponsor always accompanies with Vietnam team in many ways, in which, at SEA Games 29, they also receive the home of athletes won gold medal to work.

Mr. Tran Duc Phan, Deputy General Director of Sports General Department, Head of TTVN delegation at SEA Games 29, visited and presented gifts to athlete Nguyen Thanh Tam who was injured while competing.