Learning & Development is one of the top priorities in the Pha le. With the goal of  building and developing a team of highly qualified professionals, standards in ethics, professional in working style and dedication to work.

– At Pha le, all employees have the opportunity to participate in professional training programs according to job requirements; according to the annual training and development plan; In addition, the Company encourages employees to actively learn by taking part in professional training courses at their jobs and be supported by the Company in part or in full.

– Every year, the company also organizes excellent staffs to attend additional courses and improve their knowledge to take up higher positions: complete CEO lock, CEO lock, (CFO, CPO, CMO, CHRM …).

– In parallel with the outside training, Pha Le focused on internal training: KPI training, ISO training, 5S or soft skills sharing sessions (presentation skills). , teamwork skills …) in addition to the purpose of sharing knowledge, skills; These internal training sessions create the environment for the exchange of employees of  Pha le.

At present, Pha le has many forms of training such as:

  • Integration training courses with new staff joining the Pha le;
  • Training of knowledge / knowledge about the industry / products / technology … when employees are received and handed over work;
  • Training on labor safety and hygiene, fire and explosion prevention for employees working in the Company’s factory;
  • Training courses on building / improving management systems: ISO 9001-2015, KPI, 5S …
  • Organizing training courses on corporate culture, soft skills … With the teaching of experts, leading speakers and Vietnam.
  • Appointing staffs to attend management courses: CEO, CPO, CFO, CMO, CHRM … at reputable training institutes in the country.
  • Short-term training abroad for cadres who are planned, employees have excellent achievements and active contributions in the work and staff are planned.