Recruitment Policy

– The company welcomes candidates who wish to rise up with aspirations, wisdom, moral qualities and passionate work … join the common house and together with the company to carry out its mission.

– For each vacant position, Pha le will prioritize the development of internal human resources through the rotation between positions, ensuring the right people, the right job, creating conditions. Employees bring into full play their strengths, creating the maximum added value for the job. This is also considered a refreshing form, avoiding boredom in the workplace and opening up the knowledge to those who are really competent.

– In addition to prioritizing the development of internal human resources, Pha le also pays special attention to attracting external talent through various recruitment channels … Recruiting is strictly adhering to the Recruitment Process. To ensure openness, objectivity and select candidates suitable for their qualifications, capacity, passion and ambition with the Pha le.


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