One of the key objectives of PhaLe Plastics is to create a professional environment in which all members have the conditions to promote their abilities and have the opportunity to advance in the work and living. and work in a humane environment. With that goal, PhaLe Plastics always strives to build and perfect mechanisms and policies to maximize the value of human beings and develop cultural norms for all members to have good behaviors and behaviors. To bring the “humanity” value of the company to the community, society.


Salaries: The salaries of each employee are paid according to the capacity, professional experience and the life of the staff;

Allowance: Allowances for the work are also PhaLe Plastics including responsibility allowance, construction allowance, office allowance, part-time allowance / mobilization and many other special allowances. According to monthly rating results of employees.

Reward on the effectiveness of work, reward on holidays, birthday …
Social welfare: All employees of PhaLe Plastics are entitled to the social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance according to state regulations. In addition, in order to create a friendly working environment, to build a spirit of staff, every month and every quarter, the company organizes birthday parties, cultural activities , sport…

Other benefits: In addition to the basic remuneration packages, the company also provides incentives for employees who are committed and have contributed positively to the Company’s operations such as bonus shares, incentives, special rewards, …


Determining who is the decisive factor to the company’s success, PhaLap Plastics always expects to recruit qualified personnel and high sense of responsibility in the work. All people are equal before employment opportunities and do not discriminate in hiring at the Company. Recruitment is open, consistent about the process, regulations throughout the company.
The company strongly encourages staffs to find and introduce candidates in accordance with the recruitment criteria to participate in the recruitment process and the appropriate reward system for employees to introduce candidates according to the recruitment regulations of each company. period.

Depending on the specific position of the company, the company has to set its own specific standards, but all positions must meet the following main requirements: professional qualifications, career development and highly disciplined.

Employees do not have to pay any expenses for the recruitment of employees, except for the cost of the application for job placement for job placement centers, employment fairs, etc. law.

PhaLe Plastics always changes and perfects policies to attract the best human resources to serve the development of PhaLe Plastics in general and each company member in particular.


All staff are trained to complete their duties;

The company always encourages its staffs to constantly learn and improve their professional skills so that they become professional, capable and creative employees.

The upper level cadres are responsible for assisting and training the subordinates on a regular basis;

The Company is committed to providing partial or full tuition fees for appropriate specialized courses for some key or potential future staff. In special cases, the Company will consider providing partial support for staffs participating in voluntary training programs, with self-paid funds after hours;
Staff after training must write the harvest report from the course and apply the knowledge and skills trained to work to improve work efficiency.

mployees are encouraged to share knowledge and skills with colleagues;
Employees attend courses during working hours, with the approval of department heads, units and approval by competent authorities.

Internal training includes the following training courses: direct training in work, integration training for new staff, training on quality management system, …

External Training: Depending on the needs of the job and the ability of each person, the company can send staff to attend courses at prestigious universities or training centers in the country or abroad. . For sending staff abroad for training will be decided by the General Director.


Identifying the human factor is one of the important factors in the development of the company, PhaLe always pay attention to create conditions for employees have the opportunity to promote management ability, leadership …. .

Especially PhaLe Plastics always creates a healthy competitive environment, principles and builds a friendly, professional and supportive corporate culture, enhancing the potential for personal development.

All employees with good and excellent results are recognized annually and have the potential for development. They will be included in the planning for training, retraining, promotion and appointment to managerial positions. you have a need;

The company has always promoted and appointed staff from internal sources;
For employees who are more capable of managing and managing their work, they will always be given priority in rotary training to accumulate enough knowledge and experience for key management positions in the future. hybrid;

With the goal of human development as a property, one can take many positions, the company implements the policy of rotation / transfer of staff between departments and units of the company.


Corporate culture is all the cultural values created during the existence and development of the company, becoming values, concepts and practices, traditions ingrained in the activities of Company and dominate the emotions, mindset and behavior of all members of the Company in pursuit and implementation of goals.

Besides the material values, the company is very interested in the building of spiritual values. Company always interested and oriented to build corporate culture deeply bold national identity, to maximize the value of people.


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