Natural or stearic acid coated calcium carbonate powder, widely used in different industries mainly as fillers. Calcium carbonate is used with the aim to lower the material and production costs of the end products. Besides that, it will also enhance certain properties of the end products.


01 Paper manufacture


02 Plastic manufacture

03 Paint manufacture


04 Other field


1PLM10D97= 10µm ± 1µmD50= 3.4 µm ± 0.4 µm
2PLM15D97= 15µm ± 1µmD50= 4.5 µm ± 0.5 µm
3PLM20D97= 20µm ± 2µmD50= 5.6 µm ± 0.6 µm
4PLM25D97= 25µm ± 2µmD50= 6.7 µm ± 0.7 µm
5PLM30D97= 30µm ± 2µmD50= 7.8 µm ± 0.8 µm
6PLM35D97= 35µm ± 2µmD50= 8.9 µm ± 0.9 µm
CaCO3 content≥ 98%Brightness≥ 97%
MgO content≤ 0,20%Whiteness≥ 98%
Fe2O3 content≤ 0,01%Moisture≤ 0,2%
Al2O3 content≤ 0,02%Content loss on ignition43,19%
SiO2 content≤ 0,19%Oil Absorption25/100gCaCO3
Na2O content≤ 0,01%PH8 : 9


5.000 MT/ Month


  1. Excellent physical stability and performance
  2. Safe to operator health and friendly to environment
  3. Save material cost, less trial time, less waste, save manpower
  4. Great dispersion, smooth, no flow line, no block, no spot
  5. Convenient to use, high utilization rate, precise add ratio, efficient, productive

Of course, just feel relieved to tell us your specific require, and then we will make the corresponding customized sample to you.1kg free sample of each kind of Masterbatch, deliver in 3~5 work days.

Flexible shipping terms: FOB, EXW, CIF

Flexible payment terms: T/ T, L/ C.

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